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12 books we’re excited to read in 2024 – CNN


Maybe you’ve resolved to read more in the new year. We’re here to help.

Here are 12 intriguing titles coming in 2024 — most of them in the next few months. It’s a smorgasbord: literary fiction, thrill…….


These Books Will Help Heal Your Relationship With Food – The New York Times

How is your relationship with food these days? For many of us, the honest answer is “it’s complicated.” Perhaps you stress-eat more than you’d care to admit or are always on the latest diet. Maybe you just spend too much mental energy on food and have a nagging sense that it’s supposed to …….

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Here Are the Poetry Books to Read in 2024 – Literary Hub

As a reader, I love this moment when we look ahead to the new year’s literary landscape, considering and prioritizing what to read first, wondering what will enthrall us. Sure, an anticipated list can have the delicious capriciousness of an amuse-bouche; in the end, it doesn’t tell you much abou…….

“Find the Forgotten: Did You Lose an Essential Item in a Little Free Library Book?”

“Dear PoPville,
On Wednesday morning (Jan 3) I picked up the book Dirt Road by James Kelman in the Little Free Library on Webster Street NW (between 2nd and 3rd), and noticed that the previous owner had left something behind in the book.
I want to be sure that if needed by the owner, it gets…….

“Bring New Beginnings to Your Life: 5 Books to Read on Fresh Starts”

As January breezes in with its boot-camp vibe, it’s easy to feel a touch overwhelmed. This is a time when many of us struggle with the basics of getting through the day, let alone fronting up to a declutter, detox and diarise regime. For anyone facing the new year jitters, the books below might ju…….

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7 paperbacks to pick up this month – The Seattle Times

Paperback picksGift-giving season is over — time to treat yourself! January is the perfect time to spend those bookstore gift certificates all your loved ones lavished on you over the holidays, and every savvy book buyer knows that your book budget goes a lot further when you buy paperbacks. …….

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The fight to save Faux Library, beloved Hollywood prop house – Los Angeles Times

Longtime prop house owner Marc Meyer always imagined he would die in his office chair. That one day, someone would find him slumped over his desk, surrounded by his life’s work.Last week, that desk — a vintage Monteverdi Young piece from 1963 with an 11-foot back credenza and built-in ink blott…….

“Christopher Hitchens’ ‘A Hitch in Time’: Uncovering the Brilliant Brilliance of an NY Times Book Review”

Why care about a pile of old book reviews? Hitchens’s didn’t sound like other people’s. He had none of the form’s mannerisms. He rarely praised or blamed; instead, he made distinctions, and he piled up evidence. Often, he barely mentioned the book at hand. This must have infuriated authors, …….

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Lit Hub’s Most Anticipated Books of 2024 ‹ Literary Hub – Literary Hub

Happy New Year, readers. 2023 had its ups and downs (mostly downs), but as always, at least it brought us some very good books. But now that you’ve read all the books last year had to offer (right?), it’s time for a brand new list.
Here are the books Literary Hub ed…….